Established in 2003, Lon Worth Crow IV PA maintains the highest and strictest standards when it comes to our clients and the law. We have a solid reputation for being responsive, dedicated, and thorough which stems from an unyielding work ethic and thirst for knowledge. The more we know, the better an asset we are to you and our past results we have obtained for our clients is reflective of this committment.

Auto Negligence Wrongful Death Jury Verdict $8,215,000.00:
Our client was driving her vehicle when she approached a red light at a busy multi-lane intersection.  She entered the left furn lane and stopped for the light.  When the light turned green, she proceeded to enter the intersection where her vehicle was crashed into by a truck being driven at an excessive rate of speed.  The driver of the truck ran a red light causing the collision.  Our client was fatally injured and died at the scene.  Our firm file a law suit on behalf of the estate and the family members.  At the conclusion of presentation of evidence at trial, the jury awarded the estate and the family members $8,215,000.00 in damages.

Auto Negligence Settlement $6,000,000.00:
Our client was operating a motorcycle on a two lane road near an industrial district.  He was wearing a helmit.  As he approached an SUV which was traveling in the opposite direction, the SUV suddenly turned in front of our client causing his motorcycle to crash into the side of the SUV.  Our client sustained severe personal injuries, including brain injury.  Despite the Defendant's attempts to blame our client for the crash, the Defendant's liability insurance carrier tendered their policy limits of $6,000,000.00 prior to litigation.

Auto Negligence Settlement $5,100,000.00:
Our client was taking her grandson to school one morning and encountered dense fog on a rural two lane road.  She had her lights on and was traveling below the posted speed limit for the area.  Traveling in the opposite direction was a semi-tractor/trailer owned and operated by a large delivery company.  The driver of the truck had become lost and attempted to make a u-turn across the oncoming lane of traffic in the dense fog.  The moment he executed his turn, our client's vehicle collided head on with the truck.  Our client sustained multiple severe injuries.  Despite the Defendant's position that our client was at fault for the crash, the Defendant's insurance company tendered their policy limits prior to trial.

Auto Negligence Jury Verdict $689,000.00:
Our client was traveling on a two lane rural highway at night heading to a convienence store to purchase some milk.  On his way home, his vehicle crashed into the rear of a flat bed semi-trailer which was being driven by an out of town transportation company.  Our client sustained severe personal injuries.  The Defendants maintained our client caused the crash and made no pre-suit offers to resolve the case.  During the course of the trial, the Defendants offer $50,000.00 to settle the claim.  Our client rejected the settlement and the jury returned a verdict for damages against the Defendants in the amount of $689,000.00 finding the Defendants 100% at fault.

Eminent Domain Settlement $541,000.00:
Our clients owned a home in Sebring on a small lake near the main four lane highway in town.  The Florida DOT was completing a road widening project in the area and it was determined that our cleints' home was located on property needed for a surface water runoff retention pond.  Our clients were contacted by DOT and were offered only $325,000.00 for the value of their home.  We were hired to represent them regarding the eminent domain case.  After obtaining independent appraisals of the property and focusing on the significant value of lake-front property (as compared to other property), we were able to obtain an settlement payment to our clients of $541,000.00 for their home.

Insurance Dispute Settlement $500,000.00:
Our clients owned a home in the Punta Gorda area.  In 2004, hurricane Charlie ravaged the area causing damage to many homes including our clients' home.  Our clients presented a claim for damages to their homeowner's insurance carrier and the claim was denied.  The insurance company claimed that our clients intentionally exposed the property to damage by not properly securing the property prior to the arrival of the hurricane.  Despite numerous attempts to convince the insurance company otherwise, our cleints retained us to represent them.  A law suit was immediately filed for damages, including bad faith handling of the claim.  The balance of the policy limits at the time of trial was under $300,000.00.  The Defendant agreed to avoid trial and settled the claim for the remaining policy limits of $300,000.00 and paid an additional $200,000.00 over and above the limits for a total settlement of $500,000.00.

Auto Negligence Settlement $412,500.00:
Our clients were an elderly couple visiting Sebring.  While in Sebring, they were involved in a car crash and sustained personal injuries requiring a hospital stay and medical treatment.  Realizing the Defendant had caused the crash and that the injuries sustained by our clients were significant, the Defendant's insurance company settled the claim without litigation for $412,500.00.

Auto Negligence Jury Verdict $407,873.00:
Our client was traveling on a divided highway pulling his excavation equiptment on a trailer.  Without warning, our client's rig was crashed into from the rear by a semi-tractor/trailer operated by the Defendants.  Our client sustained moderate personal injuries, incurred medical expenses of $3,500.00, and a significant loss of business income due to the damage to his equipment.  The Defendants denied liability arguing that our client's own driving caused the crash.  After a week long trial, the jury returned a verdict for damages against the Defendants for $407,873.00.

Premise Liability Settlement $310,000.00:
Our client was a customer at a large retail store.  As she was looking at items to purchase in an aisle, a large object fell off the top shelf above her inpacting her on the top of the head knocking her unconscious.  After extensive medical treatment and tests, it was determined by her doctors that our client had suffered a mild tramatic bain injury.  We determined through our investigation that another customer on the other side of the aisle was pushing on an item on the top shelf which caused it to push the object which fell onto our client.  The retail store refused to resolve the claim without litigation arguing that they were not responsible for the actions of the other customer.  After filing suit we established that the store knew that items could be pushed off top shelves by customers and that they had installed a safety device (that would have prevented the incident) at some stores but had not in the Sebring store.  Prior to trial the Defendant settled the claim for $310,000.00 which was the largest amount ever paid by that company for a similar claim.

Auto Negligence Settlement $200,000.00:
Our client was driving near a retail store which had placed a large temporary advertisement sign next to a side road.  The Defendant was exiting the retail store parking lot in her car and could not see in the direction our client was traveling.  Rather than using due care for oncoming traffic that she could not see, the Defendant pulled out in front of our client's vehicle causing a severe collision.  Despite attempts to blame our client, the Defendant's insurance company tendered their liability limits prior to litigation.  The retail store contributed to the settlement based on the theory that they were negligent in placing the sign so as to block travelers view of oncoming traffic.

Premises Liability Settlement $175,000.00:
Our client was self-employed as a lawncare professional and was renting a storage unit at a local storage facility to store his lawncare equipment.  For months, the electric security gate to the facility was malfunctioning on a regular basis which prevented tenants from entering the facility's grounds thereby preventing them from accessing their rental storage units.  It became customary for the tenants to call the owner and request that he come down and manually open the gate.  On occasions when the owner could not come to the property, he would instruct the tenants to climb over the secutiy fence and manually open the gate.  Early one morning our client was at the facility to get his equipment in order to mow his customers yards.  The gate would not open and our client called the owner.  The owner instructed our client to climb over the fence and open the gate maually.  While trying to climb over the fence, our client's pant leg caught the top of the fence causing him to fall sustaining a severe fracture to his elbow requiring extensive medical treatment.  When the owner of the facility would not resolve the claim arguing that our client was responsible for his fall, a law suit was filed.  Prior to trial, the Defendants settled the claim for $175,000.00.

Auto Negligence Settlement $100,000.00:
Our client was operating his car when he was struck by another driver.  Our client sustained injuries to his back which required non-invasive medical treatment including therapy.  Because the defendant did not have adequate insurance, a claim was presented to our client's uninsured carrier for the policy limits of $100,000.00 which was paid.

Auto Negligence Settlement $90,000.00:
Our client had just purchased a Jeep for his daughter who had just turned 16.  Our client and his daughter went for the first drive in the Jeep, our client sitting in the front passenger seat.  Unfortunately, as they were driving, a truck pulled out in front of them causing the Jeep to collide with the truck.  Our client was ejected from the Jeep due to his not wearing a seatbelt sustaining personal injuries.  The Defendant driver maintained that our client was responsible for his own injuries due to not being properly restrained and refused to settle the claim.  A law suit was filed against the Defendants where we argued that our client's injuries would have been much worse had he not had his seat belt on and remained in the Jeep.  Prior to trial, the Defenants agreed to resolve the claim for $90,000.00.

Auto Negligence Settlement $65,000.00:
Our Client was disabled and confined to a wheel chair.  He used a local transportation company for trips to and from his medical doctors.  One morning the van arrived to transport him to his doctor's appointment and a new driver exited the vehicle.  Our client was loaded into the van, but his wheel chair was not secured in a manner consistent with past drivers.  Our client voiced concerns to the driver, but was assured that he was safely secured in the van.  On the way to the doctor, the driver of the van was forced to make a quick stop which caused our client's wheel chair to be propelled forward inside the van impacting the front interior of the van.  Our client sustained personal injuries.  The Defendants did not make any attempts to resolve the claim arguing that our client's damages were minimal since he was already disabled and confined to a wheel chair.  We filed a law suit against the transportation company and driver and prior to trial the Defendants settled the case for $65,000.00.

Premise Liability Settlement $65,000.00:
Our client was returning books to a local library.  She exited her car and proceeded around the rear of the car to the passenger door to retrieve the books.  As she walked around the front of her car on the side walk carrying the books, she suddenly tripped and fell to the ground face first.  Our client sustained injuries which required treatment at the emergency room and with her doctors.  Upon investigation we determined that our client had tripped over a fire hose which was hooked to a hydrant near the library supplying water to a train track cleaning crew near by.  The hose had been pulled through the library parking lot and over the sidewalk without any warnings.  The Defendant train company and maintenance company denied liablity and after extensive litigation and discovery, the Defendants were convinced that they had created the dangerous condition and failed to warn our client about its existence.  The Defendants settled the case prior to trial for $65,000.00.

Auto Negligence Settlement $50,000.00:
Our client was visiting Las Vegas with his wife.  While walking from one casino to another on the opposite side of the street, our client entered the pedestrian cross walk as directed by the traffic control lights.  As he cleared one lane of traffic and entered the next, an unknown vehicle proceeded to ignore the red light and almost hit our client as it proceeded through the pedestrian walk way.  To avoid being run over, our client jumped back stumbling to the ground and injuring himself.  There was no impact between our client and the unkown car.  When they returned home our client contact our office.  After presenting a claim of personal injuries, including an on-set of Fibromyalgia, against our client's uninsured motorist carrier, they tendered our client's  policy limits of $50,000.00.

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